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A good practice does not spring up overnight but grows slowly and soundly because it is rooted in the solid, fertile ground of hard work, integrity, and dignified, time-proven principles and procedures. To accomplish this objective, participate in the Weekly Email Coaching Program.

Weekly Email Coaching Program

This Weekly Email Coaching Programis designed to help you build a successful and prosperous practice. You will receive powerful practice-building messages delivered via email every week. You will gain insight into building a low-stress, low-overhead, and high-profit practice from Dr. Naccarato’s 28 years and 56,000 hours of experience. Through coaching doctors, teaching seminars, and speaking for various chiropractic associations, Dr. Jim has acquired the knowledge to help you attract patients who stay, pay, and refer, all while keeping your life in balance.

Consider the Advantages

You will receive to-the-point, practical tips with instructions on how to incorporate them into your practice every week. That’s 52 changes that you can make in your practice in the next 12 months. Every practice will benefit from this program!

To read a sample of one of Dr. Naccarato's Weekly Coaching Email Messages click here.