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The First Two Weeks of Care Seminar

Building a low-stress, high-profit, referral-based practice is dependent on how you treat your patients during their first two weeks of care. This critical period is when your patients decide how they feel about chiropractic and whether they will stay. See immediate improvements in your practice by applying the principles of this seminar!

In just one day, you and your staff will learn:

  • The power of awareness and focus
  • The power of numeric, behavioral, and attitudinal goals
  • The power of moral authority
  • How to increase your capacity for success
  • How to perform a practice building case history, exam, and report of findings
  • How to make treatment recommendations and schedule patients
  • How to create an effective financial report
  • How to conduct a practice-building re-exam and releasing exam
  • How to successfully manage patient concerns and encourage them to stay, pay, and refer
  • How to retain and reactivate current patients while generating new ones