Attend one of Dr. Naccarato’s intensive seminars and learn how to jump start your practice immediately, without leaving your family for an entire weekend or being overloaded with more information than you can implement effectively.

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2-minute introduction videos to some of Dr. Naccarato’s seminars:

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Upcoming Seminars

Dr Naccarato will host multiple seminars this year. Check below for dates.

David Borges DC

Claudia Kindler DC

Dec 9th – Hurricane, UT


I had never heard Jim speak before, but after listening to him, I can tell you that he is one of the rising stars in the area of practice, patient, and personal management. He was well received by those in attendance, and his message was current, and timely. His support and caring for the future of the profession is evident, and I look forward to hearing him again.

John Bueler Jr, DC

Past President, California Chiropractic Association