Coaching Testimonials

Dr. Jim Naccarato's personal coaching program is something that I recommend to all my friends because it has changed my life. Dr. Naccarato will help you value your time and charge what you are really worth. Not only that, he'll help you run a principle-centered, honest practice which will improve your life. Dr. Naccarato does more than just talk about chiropractic. He helps you get your head straight so that you can deal with your practice, your patients, and your entire life from a more balanced and truthful place.
Chris Tucker DC

I have been in practice for over 30 years and have been working with Dr. Naccarato for the past several. He focuses on helping the doctor become the type of person that people listen to and trust. He has an honest, ethical, and straight-forward approach to practice-building. No gimmicks, no bait and switch, no trying to convince patients to buy something they don't want or need. Learn how to become the kind of doctor that people, including yourself, can respect.
Mark Stokes DC

I have been in practice for over 12 years and even though I never had too many problems in building a practice, I was never able to maintain balance. Dr. Naccarato has helped me greatly with both business and personal development. I would highly recommend him as a personal coach to any doctor looking to improve success in his life.
Timothy J. Klena DC, DABCO

Doctor Naccarato takes a unique approach on the psychology of practice building. He has helped me to achieve better balance in my life and practice. He restores ethical chiropractic practice building that is based on moral principles that raise the respect of individual doctors and our profession.
Corey Matthews DC

I have been in health care services for over 30 years. Doctor Naccarato tunes out the marketing babble and brings back the basic principles of service and balance. The Principle-Centered Personal Coaching program is the first program I have attended which gave me the enthusiasm needed, and the knowledge of how to practice my profession ethically and honorably. There are no gimmicks in this program.
Roland Morrison DC

Dr. Jim Naccarato is an answer to prayer. He really listens to and goes to the heart of the issue. He tells the truth in a way that has helped me change for the better. My practice has both simplified and grown because of his coaching. I recommend Dr. Jim with all my heart. He will help you make your dreams come true.
Venus Maher DC

Dr. Naccarato has been my coach for almost a decade. He has helped me build a strong, stable, anxiety-free practice. I am most impressed with his impeccable integrity. He will be my coach for as long as I remain in practice.
Brian Jenkins DC, BCAO

Dr. Jim is a man of integrity who has helped me to examine myself and become a better person, which in turn, has helped me become a better doctor. Jim helps me to "think outside the box," to step back and evaluate how things are and where I am headed. He has helped me to achieve a better balance in my life which will strengthen the most important organization in my life, my family.
Brad R. Egbert, DC

I know that Dr. Naccarato works with approximately 75 practice's a week. I can personally attest that my collections and services have increased over 10k a month in the three years that I have worked with him. It's not so much what he has told me to do in processing patients. It has more to do with the psychology of preparing myself for taking care of patients. He provides a unique approach based on his background as a PHD in psychology and his DC degree. He is able to draw on experiences with other health care professionals that he manages in taking a personalized approach to each of his clients. He has helped me to understand that balance in my life equates to greater and sustainable long term growth. He does not offer a quick fix approach, instead he offers you the opportunity at a great life.
Phil Dieter, DC

Your protocols and procedures have brought honesty, efficiency, organization, and a quality of time and patient management, that exceeds any other I have used over the last 30 years.

When we can rely on the thoroughness and principle of the procedures we use to educate patients, they get the depth of dedication and purpose we convey enhancing their trust and belief in what we are giving them. I have never felt so settled in practice, and am thoroughly happy with my staff and our mutual understanding of how to attract and serve those who feel compelled to pay, stay, and refer. That is practice building in its most complete form.
Martha Bordonaro, DC