What You Get in the Personal Coaching Program

  • One-on-One coaching with Dr. Naccarato
  • The First Two Weeks of Care seminar
  • The Internal Marketing seminar
  • The External Marketing seminar
  • The program workbook: Principle-Centered Practice Building
  • The Jump Start Program
  • The Quarterly Presentation Program
  • Staff hiring, training, and management procedures
  • Monthly packets that include a CD, newsletter, and tip
  • Weekly email tip
  • 60 five to seven minute training videos on the Psychology of Success
  • 125 podcasts centered on the development of practice and personal growth
  • 6 full training videos (5 Critical Steps, Moral Authority, The Right Staff, The First Two Weeks of Care, Internal Marketing, External Marketing)

This program is not for everyone. It does not include fads, scripts, undignified marketing procedures, reduced fees, case fees, family discounts, or pre-pay agreements. These are poor attempts to incentivize patients into care and there will always be someone willing to offer a better deal. While they may work in the short term, they create huge practice building problems in the long run. The good news is that in this program you will build your practice on value, creating a thriving environment for both you and your patients!