General Information

Dear State Association Representatives and Administrators,

There are significant ongoing changes in our Health Insurance, Workman's Comp, Personal Injury, and Medicare. What has not changed is your doctors' need to provide quality care to their patients. My goal is to help them accomplish this by providing a thorough understanding of the psychological and clinical aspects of their work to better benefit their community.

State associations have a symbiotic relationship with their doctors. By becoming members, doctors fund and maintain the association and actively participate in events. In turn, the association gives members a sense of community, provides information about new techniques and technology, and hosts events designed to benefit its members.

While state associations exist to ensure doctors provide quality care, the needs of the associations must be met as well. State associations need funding, and funding comes from dues-paying members who support the community. In order to recruit solid members, associations must meet the needs of the community by focusing on the challenges their chiropractors face daily.

I want to help you by helping your doctors achieve these objectives. I view it as my personal responsibility to share what I know to benefit others. Specifically, my plan is to:

  • Teach doctors the psychological and clinical aspects of patient care. If understood and implemented correctly, this will help them build a safe and beneficial practice.
  • Teach doctors how to become successful with complete integrity.
  • Help you increase the number of attendees at your meetings by offering a presentation that is proven to benefit their patients.
  • During the presentation, I will encourage attendees to join and participate with your association.

My goal is to strengthen the relationship between you and your members. Your doctors will be better equipped to support your organization and you will benefit from:

  • Increased turnout at your state association's conferences, seminars, and other events.
  • New members.
  • Membership renewals among existing members.

Yours in success,
Jim Naccarato DC, PhD